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Other Events:

We expect to be arranging another Skid Pan visit soon which will be open to all Group members and associates on a first come first served basis.   There will be a fee to cover the cost.   For more details email the group.

A number of other trips out are in the early stages of planning; visits to the Control Centre at the Dartford Crossing and the Classic and Sports car show at Alexandra Palace later in the year for example.

At the September Group Night we had guest speaker George Chandler, Broadband Project Manager at Kent County Council.   George entertained us with an interactive discussion on road signs, and surprised us with some unknown facts and figures.

At the July Group Night we had a splendid 1968 Met. Police Jaguar area car (original beat: West End Central – Soho!).   Its lovely historic equipment contrasted nicely with the modern BMW, which came complete with a very congenial Sgt Paul Newman.