Costs and benefits


The annual membership fee for full members of South Eastern Group is £10 per annum payable on 1st January.   This is separate from the annual IAM membership fee.   You have to be a full IAM member to be a full Group member.

For those wishing to join as Associates, the Advanced Driver Package offered by the IAM costs £200 currently.  This cost was increased on 2nd April 2024.


What price do you put on your safety – and that of your friends and family?   It has been statistically proved that drivers taking additional training are involved in fewer accidents and that those accidents tend to be less severe.

Are you looking for a straightforward way of reducing overall motoring costs?   The well tried techniques we use can have a beneficial effect on fuel consumption, wear and tear and running costs such as insurance – and remember this is not about driving slower or faster, it’s about driving more safely.

Do you feel at risk from the increasing focus on penalising bad driving?   Our aim is to increase drivers’ awareness and therefore the likelihood of recognising any limits and restrictions that may apply to you.

Would you like to develop your driving skills in a friendly and supportive environment?   Our Associate Scheme provides an excellent opportunity to hone your expertise to Advanced Driving Test level.   For some, this is only a start and they go on to bigger and better things.   For example, many former Associates have passed their tests and trained to become Group Observers thus passing on the skills they have learned.

Would you like to meet other enthusiastic road-users who see personal driving skill development as a major road safety plus?   The Group offers many opportunities for members and associates to meet and debate these important issues in a friendly and positive way.

…These are just the benefits from joining the Group.   The IAM has several further benefits and discounts plus its own magazine when you join, see

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