About Us


The South Eastern Group is one of the IAM’s oldest Groups.   It was formed in 1963 by a small group of local drivers who had successfully passed the Institute’s Advanced Driving Test.   Originally its area covered all of South East London and Kent but as the Institute has grown through the years and new Groups have been formed, it has based itself on South East London and North West Kent.

That small group of 1960’s motorists would probably not have known what their little club would become.   Today South Eastern Group has over 300 full members and over 50 associate members in training to take the Advanced Test along with an enviable test pass rate.   It holds regular meetings to which all members and associates are welcome and publishes its own quartely magazine – SEGMENT.

Despite its much increased size, the Group still cherishes its prime ideal of improving road safety by developing individual awareness and responsibility, but in a friendly and inspiring way.   Our objective is a smooth driving style which is safe, legal and progressive.

The Group is a registered charity and although it is affiliated to the IAM it is run entirely independently by volunteers.